YANNIC-TIM NOACK - Baltic Sails 2020-2

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"Durch die Woche gehackt wie Mettbrötchen"
-Yannic-Tim Noack
70 kg
175 cm
26 Events Open Skiff
4x International
20x Podium
16 Events 29er
3x Euro Cup
1x National Championships
3x Podium
4 Events RS Aero
1x RS Challenge
2x Podium
2 Events 49er
1x Kieler Woche
1x Junior World Championhsips
Why did you start sailing?
The whole sailing thing started out with me spending a lot of time at the sea and having had a dream about sailing. An idea that literally grew overnight.
My dad, at the time, was into windsurfing and I had to learn that before I was allowed to learn sailing. It was late 2010, when I held my youth licence in my hand, ready to rock the wave. I started out on the Open Bic, which is in my eyes a really respectable boat an certainly builds the basis of a solid sailing career.
What floats your boat?
The biggest and in my mind the only relevant motivation in any sport should be having fun. If I would not enjoy what I am doing, I woul have quit it a long time ago. Right now I am chopping through waves on the 49er, together with one of my closest friends, Jan Deiber.
What do you hate about sailing?
The only thing I really cannot cope with is unfair sailors and getting into a wet wetsuit. Its is like a swimming in an ice pond while wearing nothing but your winter jacket. I typically scream alloud how I am burning inside, while putting it on. That tends to have the same effect as quickly ripping off that one nasty plaster, your doctor put on your arm the other day.
What does the future of sailing look like to you?
I think there will be a lot more oppotunities to perform and show what you know how to do best. Even though the vessels are changing shape to more airplane like structures than typical J class boats I still think that sailing will remain a very challenging sport and now even more pyhsically than it was ever before. Small scale regattas and match racing may be one factor of enlargement as things like the americas Cup and Sail GP gain more attractivity.
Where do you see yourself in two years?
As sailors the future can change within a day or even within hours. The sea is rarely ever calm and so is our path throughout our sailing career. At the moment I am focussing on the 49er campaign, behind me lies a very successful and joyful Open Bic era, what is to come I will not even try to predict. Doors open, doors close, the one I take may be none of those.
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