SPLOSH GAME - Baltic Sails 2020-2

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A fun game to play with your friends on a pool table when there's no wind around
We all hate sitting in a snazzy marina, waiting for wind that is not supposed to be arriving until tomorrow. For these days we have splosh!
*You need a pool table and two different balls, we use a coloured and white one.

Basic Gameplay
So basically, there are always just two balls on the table: a coloured one and a white one
The aim is to keep the coloured ball rolling. Potting the coloured ball eliminates the following player("splosh").
If the ball stops rolling, the current player is out ("rollout").

The game starts with the colored ball in the center of the table and a server starts to throw, he has 3 tries.

  • The coloured ball must be rolling at all times. If it stops its a "rollout" and the current player is out
  • If the white ball is potted, the player who touched is last it out. Thats called a "sinker".
  • You may only throw forwards, with the outside of your hand facing upwards
  • You can only play from the shorter ends of the table and your feet must stay off the table
  • The white ball must always remain above the table, its a one game ban for the player if it doesn't
  • The winner of the previous game serves the next one
  • Touching the ball when it isn't your turn or hindering another player is interference and the player is eliminated. That also includes intentional or unintentional "second tries". There should only be one touch per turn.  
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