JAN DEIBER - Baltic Sails 2020-2

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"Sailing - Smells a little weird but tastes good"
-Jan Deiber
What are your jobs on the water?
My jobs on board are making the boat go fast and trimming sails. Also, I am taking care of avoiding crashs with boats, rocks or ducks aswell as having a look on the upwind tactics.
What got you sailing?
"How did I get here?"
Well to answer that question we have go to way back to 2010, when I was sailing a bathtub with a sail on it, called the optimist. I did that because I wanted to spend more time with friends while having fun on the water. The most memorable moment of the time was me breaking my mast step in Rerik, Germany. It was quite a breeze.
What is your most hated activity in sailing?
The most thing I absolutely hate with sailing is fiddeling a halyard into a mast. Ive done this way too often this year and hope to be left alone with it for the next three seasons. It is absolutely dreadful if you just let go of your halyard and it slipped through the mast.
What would you take with you when left alone on a deserted island?
Easy, A fully equipped Imoca 60 because in theory, I could sail around the world with it.
What else are you into beside sailing?
Hurting myself, but not on purpose. No really, I tested many dumb ways to hurt myself. I tried wrestelling and broke my ankle in school.
70 kg
187 cm
5 Regatten Open Skiff
2x International
10 Regatten 29er
1x Kieler Woche
1x Euro Cup
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