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Getting you ready for competition

The Class Association
As you might be used to from other classes, there is an international class association that you have to join and pay anual fees to in order to compete and register your sail number. The 49er and FX class association is shared together with the Nacra 17 class. That is why you will find parts and purchases for the nacra as well as the 49er on the class website. The person you want to contact if you have any troubles with the class, questions or anything else 49er related, you should contact Ben Remocker.
How to join
Joining the class is as easy as purchasing a online product and registering in the shop. After the purchase, your data and the membership will be linked.
ISAF and the 49er
ISAF and the 49er are closely linked.
That is why you are required to have an ISAF account and an ISAF sailor ID for any official regatta on the 49er.(Especially Kiel Week and all championships)

You can create an account for free at the link below:
*Make sure you note down your Sailor ID somewhere easy to find.
Sail Numbers
The sail numbers in the 49er and FX may be a new concept to many. Instead of using the hull number of your boat as sail numbers, as it is done in most other classes, you are required to CHOOSE a number yourself! Cool huh?
The first 10 numbers are reserved for the first ten sailors of the world championships, meaning you are free to choose any number from 11 to 999. The numbers are globally shared so a number can only exist once. If boats are sold you can either keep the number or request a different one. If a team was inactive for quite some time, the team is removed and the number becomes available again.
Before you settle on a number you should check the list to see what numbers are in use already.
Once you know what number you want to have and made sure it is not already in use, you have to write an e-mail to Ben Remocker to request the number for your team. You should include the full name of both team memebers and the country that you are sailing for.
Flags and Sail Numbers on the sail
For international competitions, you are required to have a flag within your sail.
Sail number stickers are also available below.
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