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Spinnaker Boom Guide V2
The original boom redesigned!
Now with a tighter and more reliable fit as well as a more flexible absorber core to absorb more energy and reduce damage

A cover designed for the standard 29er & 49er boom that aims to protect against damage occuring when boom is retracted. The edges of the cover are angled at 45° so that any obstruction along the way can be passed easily. Even if it does get stuck somewhere, the plastic absorbs the majority of the impact and the boom is not damaged.

The cover does not obstruct the boom in or during ejection and holds with friction. That means it is technically allowed via classrules. If a measurer should complain you can easily remove the cover within 30 seconds. It has a notch along its side so don't have to uninstall the tack line or the pole ejecting line.
15.00 €
Softsand rubber
The ultimate grip on your wing. Use broadcast method for optimal results. 500ml jar. Unused leftovers from our refit project
Availability: 1
29.99 €
Rig Bend Meter v1.0
A simple but very effective rig bend measuring device. Affordable and effective.

If you want a special offset, please drop me an email at ytn@baltic.sails.com
15.00 €
A light weight and cheap alternative to typical metal sheaving hardware.

THe rings can be used to redirect rope with minimal friction and weight added. We recommend you splice the rings into a dyneema loop but of course you can also use small strops to attach it to rigging (allowing for better redirection along the wings).

Don't use these rings in high load applications. If you do, use them in combination with a dyneema loop spliced around them. They may deform but will not snap if used that way,
Weight <5g
4.99 €
D1 Grip
A simple but effective wrench so you can stop your D1 (lowers) from rotating when adjusting the rig terminals.
Can be attached to a rope or shock cord so it can't be lost in big waves.
We recommend you tie it to the strop on the spinnaker sock.
10.00 €
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